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For our drivers
Who are we?

NEXTdriver is a Delft-based company, whose aim is to make mobility safer and more sustainable by combining the knowledge of human behavior and technology. We achieve that by coaching professional drivers in an innovative, data-driven way, while respecting the privacy of drivers.

How does it work?

Based on the data collected by our experts, you will receive a weekly report on your driving performance via the NEXTdriver app.

In addition, you will see your improvement over time, personalized challenges for extra motivation, and how your colleagues are doing.

Our professional coaches are in contact via the app to give you feedback and guide you through the improvement process.

How do we support drivers

By using NEXTdriver, you will learn to drive safer and more sustainably than ever before. Next to supporting you in growing professionally and having a positive impact on the environment around you, we also make your work more enjoyable by fostering healthy competition between you and your colleagues.

Frequently Asked Questions

SD 700WR 모델의 온도 보정

방수형 온도계인 SD 700WR에는 전면에 기능 사용을 위한 터치 스위치가 내장되어 있습니다.

SDX 시리즈의 Call No. 기능이란?

기존 순차적 접근 방식의 파라메터 설정 방식은 수 많은 기능으로 인해 복잡할 수밖에 없었습니다. 콜 넘버 기능은 이런 단점을 보완할 수 있는 최적의 방법이며 Call 화면에서 각 파라메터별로 정해진 숫자를 입력하면 바로 해당 파라메터로 이동합니다.

SDX 시리즈의 PWM 출력 기능이란?

제어 출력의 형태이며 동작 형태는 동영상과 같습니다.


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