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Reduce emissions. Zero accidents. Happy drivers.

Using the technology of tomorrow, we improve driving behaviour today

We are on a mission ...

Road freight transport is vital to our lives and economy. However, the industry produces several negative externalities. Every year, more than 4.000 people die across the European Union as a result of accidents involving heavy goods vehicles. The transportation sector negatively contributes to climate change by producing more than 14% of total emissions. For us, these numbers are unacceptable.


To prevent them, we at NEXTdriver look at human behaviour. Combining that with our expertise in technology, we believe that we can make a difference. Our mission is to eliminate unsafe driving behaviour, minimize the number of traffic accidents, and reduce the total emission output of commercial vehicles.


We achieve that by coaching professional drivers in an innovative, data-driven way. To find out what´s behind NXETdriver, we recommend to get in touch with us or check out our approach and technology.

* Traffic Safety Basic Facts 2018:

** The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change:


... and together we can achieve it

Coaching partners

To continuously increase the standard and effectiveness of the NEXTdriver coaching solution, we cooperate with experts in the field of mobility, education and logistics.

Research partners

To ensure that NEXTdriver positively impacts road safety and environment, we cooperate with leading research institutes and governmental institutions in the Netherlands.

Other partners

To maximize the NEXTdriver´s impact, we partner with insurance companies, intermediaries and other organizations specialising on the transportation industry.

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Our team

Since 2018, NEXTdriver has grown into a team of fourteen people. Together we have more than 40 years of experience in driving behaviour. Each of us possesses unique expertise that brings us closer to our goal. Making traffic safer and more sustainable.


Does that sound like a match? We are always on the lookout for smart and talented people to join us in our mission!

A team with experience

Guido Sluijsmans


Fotis Paraschiakos


Jakub Grabmuller

Business developer

Bas Oppenheim

Human Factors & coach

Wim Nienhuis

NEXTdriver Ambassador

Jurrian Lijfogt

Human factors & coach intern

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