NEXTdriver Pilot

Experience what driving behaviour coaching can do for your company

Not sure whether the innovative driving behaviour coaching solution is a suitable method for your transportation company? That´s why we created the NEXTdriver Pilot program! During three months, we coach five of your drivers with the NEXTdriver solution and compare their improvement with the rest of your fleet. 

At the end of the Pilot, you receive a detailed report with the results and decide whether you want to implement NEXTdriver company-wide. But we believe it is going to be an easy decision! Every company that has ever tried our Pilot is coaching all their drivers with NEXTdriver until today. 


Discover the possibilities of NEXTdriver at your company

3 months, 5 drivers

€ 295,-


Evaluation of driver experience

Driving behaviour measurement

Driving improvement report

Fuel consumption analysis

Initial intake assessment



Intake assessment

Starting with NEXTdriver Pilot is really easy! First, we want to hear more about your company to find out how can we support you most efficiently.

What business are you in? How does your fleet look like? What are your goals? What fleet management system do you use? Do you already employ driving coaches or mentors? These and many other questions we´ll cover during our interview to select the most efficient approach.

Based on your needs, we´ll select the correct form and duration of the NEXTdriver Pilot. Within two weeks, we are about to get started!

Partners Fleet Management Systemen

NEXTdriver integreert automatisch met de onderstaande Fleet Management Systemen. We breiden dit continu uit. Staat uw systeem er niet bij? Contact us regardless, we will explore the possibilities.


Driving behaviour measurement

We begin by measuring the driving behaviour of your fleet, without any intervention. That way, we create a reliable baseline.

Week 1 - 4

Week 5 - 12

For the second part of the test, you simply select five of your drivers, who will become coached by the NEXTdriver solution. We continuously compare their progress against the driving performance of the rest of your fleet. That way, we can identify NEXTdriver´s impact on driving behaviour.


Driving improvement report


At the end of the NEXTdriver Pilot, you receive a well-arranged report with a detailed overview of how your drivers progressed during the test period and the implications it has for your fleet. 

Driving behaviour factors

NEXTdriver considers factors such as speeding, braking, RPM, use of cruise control, and others. Research has shown that these factors have a crucial impact on road safety and fuel consumption. 


Fuel consumption analysis 


By comparing the performance of drivers coached by NEXTdriver against others, we see how the improvement in driving behaviour translates into fuel consumption. Based on that, we can accurately estimate the expected savings.

Reducing operational costs

Fuel consumption can form up to one-third of the transportation companies´ operational costs. Therefore, we put stress on reducing it as much as possible. Usually, we achieve a reduction between 3-8% over the long term use.


Evaluation of driver experience


The positive experience of drivers is vital to deliver the best coaching results. Therefore, we investigate their opinion on NEXTdriver at the end of the Pilot. Did they find our approach helpful? Did they notice a change in their driving behaviour? Would they like to continue using NEXTdriver? 

Supporting drivers

NEXTdriver has been designed with drivers in mind. Our main goal is to enhance their safety on the road and to support their professional growth, without being intrusive in their privacy and way of working.

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