The toolbox for companies with their own driving coaches

Do driving behavior coaches work at your company in the most efficient way? NEXTdriver is designed to support them by providing just the right tools and insights. That way, your fleet is coached optimally towards an enhanced safety level, greater fuel efficiency, and a lower environmental impact.


To meet your company´s specific needs, we offer NEXTdriver in three different packages: Basic, Standard, and Professional.

The above-mentioned prices apply to orders up to 150 drivers. For larger orders, discounts apply.


Professional NEXTdriver package

€ 15,-

driver / month

Tachometer information & scores for your coach(es)

All features of the Standard package


Bi-monthly coach consultation

Tachometer data connection


Standard NEXTdriver package

€ 12.5,-

driver / month

Driver reward programme

All features of the Basic package


Coach support

Annual drivers´ challenge


Basic NEXTdriver package

€ 10,-

driver / month

Management Portal

Fleet data connection

Information on driving behaviour & scores for your coach(es)

Drivers´ app (iOS / Android)

Coaching Portal

Whatsapp integration

Technical support

Advantages of our packages
Simple connection

You don´t need any new parts to start with NEXTdriver. We use the Fleet Management Service data from your on-board computers, which almost every transport vehicle has already installed. So your cars already contain the right parts for the NEXTdriver coaching service!

Partners Fleet Management Systems

NEXTdriver automatically integrates with the following Fleet Management Systems. We are continuously expanding our integration options. Is your system not listed? Get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities.

Mobile motivation

Drivers receive weekly insight into their driving behaviour. Extensive personal advice for every driver is given according to proven feedback methods.

Weekly scores

Rewards for extra motivation

The app rewards achievements. Awards, badges, colleague challenges, and much more to get the best out of your drivers.

Management support

Track progress

As a manager, you will gain access to the NEXTdriver Management Portal, where the general progress of your driver group is visible. In this way, the driving behavior of your drivers becomes clear.

Focus on the big picture

You will gain insight into the progress of your entire driver group. By not showing the individual driver scores, we strengthen the relationship of trust with your drivers and you do not spend time studying all the details

Our approach pays off!

NEXTdriver works, which is visible on our results. By coaching drivers continuously, we achieve a lasting improvement in their driving behavior. Thanks to the positive effect on fuel consumption, the use of NEXTdriver yields a 100+% return on investment. On top of that, your company saves on maintenance costs, accidents, traffic fines, and negative publicity.


Try our savings calculator to find out the exact return on investment for your company. 

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