Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Why NEXTdriver?

As a driver, you are often on the road. Your driving style influences the road safety, probability of damaging your load, maintenance, insurance, depreciation of the vehicle, fuel consumption, environment, and your company's image, since the logo is often on the car. Therefore, your driving performance is crucial both for you and your employer. NEXTdriver is here to support you in improving your driving performance! By extracting the data from your truck's onboard computer, we objectively assess your driving and provide you with feedback and guidance on how to improve it. Our coaches are easily reachable, and you can quickly contact them when having any questions or comments.

How can I download the NEXTdriver app?

You can easily download the app by searching for NEXTdriver in the App store or Google Play store. Download the app when to a WiFi network to prevent excessive data usage.

Are you experiencing difficulty with installing the NEXTdriver app? Our installation guide will help you out!

I forgot my password, how can I get a new one?

It is possible to regain access to your account by going to the "Login with mail and password" screen, then tapping the "Forgot password" button. Follow the instructions, and you will receive a new password by email.

Does the NEXTdriver app use a lot of mobile data?

No, the app hardly uses any mobile data. Once a week, the app will download your weekly scores and display them in the app. For this activity, a small amount of mobile data may be used. If you want to prevent that, we recommend using NEXTdriver app only when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

How does it work?

How does NEXTdriver calculate my scores?

NEXTdriver retrieves data from the FMS system in your vehicle, such as data about speed, roll out, and idling. Based on this data and the requirements of your company, we translate this information into numbers, which results in scores showed in the app.

What do I need to do to score well?

Your total score in the app is based on various indicators for the past week. It differs per on-board computer supplier what indicators are measured. The main indicators we look at regarding road safety and fuel consumption are:
Cruise control use
Roll out

How can I get in touch with a coach?

NEXTdriver app includes integration with WhatsApp. You can easily reach out to our coach via Whatsapp by clicking on the respond button in the NEXtdriver app. This will immediately open your conversation with a coach in Whatsapp. Therefore, we highly recommend installing WhatsApp on your phone, if you don´t have it yet. Alternatively, you can also reach out to the coach via email

I have not received any scores yet, how is this possible?

Scores are calculated weekly and added to the app. Under normal circumstances, you can expect your scores on Monday or Tuesday each week.


What does my employer see?

At NEXTdriver, we believe that every driver deserves friendly environment to be coached in. Therefore, we value your privacy and we have built NEXTdriver in a way that protects you from being punished for your mistakes in the process. Do you wonder which driving behaviour data does your employer have access to?
Your employer can access:
The data from your on-board computer (which is already provided by the on-board computer supplier)
The data on whether you have used the app in recent time
Your employer can not access:
Conversations between you and the coaches
Feedback on your scores, medals and rank in the app.
Disclaimer: In some cases we required to notify your employer when you continuously do not interact with the app and score poorly at the same time.

What does NEXTdriver see?

NEXTdriver cannot see where the app has been used. The app is only used to make the scores transparent to the driver and to help the driver improve. In addition, you will not be penalized when a bad score is achieved, NEXTdriver is there to support the driver and help him grow to drive safer and more sustainably.

Which personal data are used and why?

The personal data we use are:
First and last name
Telephone number
E-mail address
Driving behavior data and results

Why do we need that information?
We use this information to perform the service and to be able to WhatsApp, call or email you about your results.

What are my personal data used for?

The contact details are used to be able to call or e-mail you if this is necessary to be able to carry out our services and to inform you about any changes.
This information is therefore NOT shared with others and therefore certainly not sold for marketing purposes.

Where are my personal data stored?

The data is stored securely on the servers of SD Insights, which are located within Europe.

Can NEXTdriver track the driving behaviour in my personal car too?

No. The information on driving behaviour is collected via the installed on-board computer in the truck. Thus, we can not obtain any of your personal driving data.

Can people see where I am in private time via the app?

No. The app never sees where you are. The app does nothing more than show you your driving behavior scores and the related information. No data from your phone is used. This means that, for example, there is no insight into the location data of the phone or your contacts.

Can NEXTdriver access my phone?

No, the app cannot access your personal data. You can check it yourself via Settings and App permissions on your phone.

How long will the data be kept?

Your personal data is stored for as long as you are coached by NEXTdriver. This means that once you switch jobs, retire, or your company stops using NEXTdriver, your data will be removed from the system.